Tuesday, 30 April 2013

inspiration: stephen beadles

I recently came across the surreal photographs of Stephen Beadles and they are incredibly beautiful, everything feels like a dream and I love that. Have a look, you can find this awesome talent on flickr!

'holga effect' action


action information
This action was made in PS CS6 and is compatible with all CS versions of Photoshop. All layers are fully adjustable so the action can be customised to fit the needs of your image.

To purchase this action please click on the 'Buy Now' link below where you will be redirected to PayPal. The cost of the action is £6.00 and you will be sent the action files ASAP via email.

If you have any questions at all please email me.

This action is copyrighted to climbtherainbow (Laura Williams photography). You may apply it on your work but the copyright remains with myself. This product may not be copied, edited, published, uploaded or reproduced in any way without my written permission.

Thursday, 25 April 2013


Refractions with flowers, for a photography project for college.

I used glycerine for the droplets, which is SO much easier to work with than water for this kind of thing, it's nice and gloopy and they stay put for ages and make nice large droplets!

Used my macro filters here, (x10 and x4) one day I'll get a proper macro lens haha, but need to save up first! Meanwhile I wouldn't mind a 35mm f/1.8 as well...

I want to do some more of these maybe, with different objects refracted possibly.


Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Photos from my trip to Paris in February with a tilt-shift effect to give the illusion of a model world. Inspired by Keith Loutit's incredible tilt shift videos. These were part of my Photography exam for college.