Tuesday, 31 August 2010

things i love

I really have been very busy recently with my art coursework, so I haven't had much time to do any photography lately (I will update with some more of my art coursework :D) so I have decided to share with you some things I love, including some great links:

1.Today I found a really lovely blog called The Notebook Doodles. You will find hundreds of beautiful and cute illustrations. I found myself searching through her posts for ages. Definitely have a look at this one.

2. Art Pixie is a great place to find ANY art inspiration. She regularly posts her own work, as well as links to some amazing artists.

3. COLOURLovers is a great place to find colour based inspiration for your designs whatever they are.

4. Autumn isn't far away, and I must say, it is definitely my favorite season, I just love getting all wrapped up nice and warm and going for walks with the sun shining with my family and my dog (freddie).


the notebook doodles said...

aaww thank you :)

the notebook doodles said...

and yes, your comment works now!

Laura Williams said...

great! and your very welcome! :)

Petra Šantavá said...

COLOURlovers is a must :)

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