Saturday, 9 October 2010

100 random facts about me

1. I love fruit tea... with honey!
2. I am good at maths
3. I had my tonsils taken out when I was 10
4. When I'm older I will travel the world
5. I have a weakness for chocolate biscuits
6. I drink lots of water
7. I think the Harry Potter books are AMAZING.
8. I love languages
9. I have a dog called Freddie who is great :)
10. Super Mario on gameboy is just immense
11. I have blue eyes
12. I watch Eastenders
13. I love Horror films
14. I have always loved art, even as a child
15. I have about six cameras, film & digital
16. I want a Polaroid camera really badly! But the film is very expensive :(
17. I can't whistle
18. I like designing webpages, but HATE HTML! With a Passion!
19. I love flower patterns
20. I'm probably on the computer too much
21. I love cereal. Seriously. It's my favorite meal
22. I love water parks
23. My favorite holiday ever was the Maldives
24. I have curly hair
25. I love sweet flavored popcorn, not salty!
26. I am medium height
27. I can be very immature... :)
28. Autumn is my favorite season
29. I am very competitive, especially with Scrabble...
30. I believe in ghosts
31. And aliens. (I have my reasons...)
32. I am not allergic to anything as far as I am aware of
33. Apart from Fructis shampoo
34. I am really bad at geography
35. I LOVE Scottish accents!
36. I can cross one eye. But not both :)
37. I really can not sing but I do anyway.
38. I can count up to 29 in german
39. I love London
40. I can't have too much sugar or I will get too hyper!
41. I will randomly burst into song sometimes
42. I want an apple mac
43. I put too many sugars in my tea
44. I have been told this... :P
45. I always spill things :|
46. My neighbors are probably always thinking I'm weird lying flat on the ground taking pictures of grass :)
47. I want to go to New York
48. Friends the TV series is brilliant
49. I want to go to Centrel Perk :D
50. I like blue cheese
51. I love doing accents
52. Badminton is fun
53. I hate being told to shut up
54. I've never broken a bone
55. My favorite Ben and Jerry's ice cream is cookie dough
56. I have 1 younger sister called Molly
57. We get on really well :)
58. It annoys me when someone's doing the hoovering while I'm watching TV
59. I love Toy Story
60. I love afternoon walks in the Autumn
61. Harry Potter beats Twilight any day
62. I always cry in sad films
63. I have many poke wars with people on Facebook
64. I think meercats are great!
65. I am facinated by the world and the so many amazing places which I would love to visit
66. I hate tomatoes
67. I want an iPhone
68. The idea of an iPad doesn't really interest me :|
69. My favorite fruit is a pineapple
70. I love watching films in the afternoon
71. I hate it when people who know they are skinny complain about being fat
72. I love old cameras
73. The walls in my room are full of photos
74. IKEA meatballs and gravy are tastey
75. When I was about 6 I was a sheep in a school play
76. I've also been the wise man who brought gold in another school play
77. I don't wear glasses.
78. I love the satisfaction of completing a notebook/sketchbook
79. For my photos I almost always use only natural lighing
80. I've been in a sandstorm
81. My favorite city is Paris
82. Slow internet connection really annoys me :(
83. I love bokeh
84. My sock drawer overflows because I have so many socks...¬_¬
85. I have ridden a camel
86. I LOVE playing on Sims, but I had to uninstall it from my computer because it was too big :(
87. I love watching giant snowflakes fall
88. I want to go to University
89. I have a good memory
90. I snack on cereal
91. I have a bit of OCD
92. I can't have the tv volume on an odd number
93. I am very excited for the next Harry Potter film!!
94. I love art shops
95. I am quite organized
96. I love writing lists
97. I sometimes still play on my playstation 2
98. One of my favorite shops EVER is Accessorize
99. I used to really like football
100. I hope I have counted to 100 correctly ;P

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