Monday, 1 November 2010

things i love

Happy first of November! The day where I eat lots/all of the Halloween sweets that we didn't get to give out yesterday.

I LOVEEEEE these boots from Office and can be found here. They are just what I want, but sadly... they cost £95 and for me that is a lotttt :( but I can still hope that soon I will wonder into that shop and see a pair in my size on sale for like £20 :D Yeah that would be great! A bit unrealistic though :P haha

I have recently discovered frankie magazine. I haven't bought anything from their or their magazines before, but I have a few things on my Christmas list :D If you haven't already, have a look on their website and the things they have in their shop, it is all so wonderful :)

Creature Comforts is such a cute blog! Here you will find inspiration for all kinds of art! Also there are some really lovely tutorials for all sorts of things to make from digital award ribbons to repurposed magazine Christmas trees!!

Andrea Joseph is an extreamly talented artist who draws bascially anything and anything using pencils and/or ballpoint pen. Have a look at her work as you would not believe some of them are drawings, they are just so fantastic! I am always finding myself just looking through her work.

Cake with giants is full of lots of adorably cute and beautiful illustrations and designs. I love her style and can always find inspiration on her blog.

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