Sunday, 12 September 2010

pretty in pink

I went paintballing today for one of my friends birthday, it was really fun, but everyone got very sweaty lol! And someone hit me in the head from quite a close distance. I have lots of bruises all over, but it was very fun. My trainers have some very cool paint splatters all over them xD

I ended up spending quite a lot of my money on paint balls, which isn't good. I am meant to be saving up my money because in a couple weeks I am going on a big shopping trip with my mum, sister and aunty. I speant a lot of money yesterday too. I bought 3 canvases, lots of paint, a GORGEOUS skirt from miss selfridge (which by the way is my new favourite shop, at the moment they have some beautiful vintage style clothes, last weekend I bought a really nice cream lace cardigan, not too expensive either) and I also bought a new coat is bright red. I can't wait for some colder weather so I can start wearing it!

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