Monday, 13 September 2010

things i love

1. I have recently fallen in love with Miss Selfridge. They have some really gorgeous clothes in there, many of which are on my Christmas list. It's not overly pricey either!

2. Cassia Beck can be found on flickr and on her blog. She seems to find the most simple, but wonderful objects and photographs them in such a beautiful way. I think you will enjoy looking through her photos, she has so many of them!

3. Extra Ordinary comics are hilarious. I have looked through every single one of them! Have a look at them, they are seriously randomly funny!

4. is a great place to find inspiration for design. She provides some awesome free resources (brushes, tutorials, patterns etc.) Be sure to have a look at her tutorials, I made a really cool water colour style design based on her watercolour graphic tutorial:

The original photo is of my cousin, and can be found here.

The watercolour brushes are by

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