Sunday, 19 May 2013

interview: taya iv

So I was lucky enough to be able to interview the absolutely wonderful Taya Iv! Taya is a young portrait photographer and her photography is just beautiful, so I was very excited about doing this little interview! You can find her on flickr to keep up to date with her work!

Hello Taya! Thank you for aggreeing to do this little interview. So, Taya where are you from?

I am from Russia

How long have you been photographing? Have you always been a creative person?

I've been photographing for 4 years now. I was an avid little creator since a very young age but at 12 I finally was able to discover photography and all of its wonders as well as the fantastic community behind it.

Where do you get your inspiration from and which photographer(s) would you say most influence your photography?

Nature inspires me most of all. Sometimes all you need is a little stroll in a forest or even your backyard to feel the wind and hear the trees and regain all the energy you need to continue on doing what you love.

What music do you like to listen to? Any favorite musicians?

I listen to all types of music according to my mood and surroundings. These days I have been enjoying upbeat music but most days I settle with alternative. My favourites musicians are Angus & Julia Stone, Bastille and Hammock.

Tell us about your favorite place.

My current favourite place (which is temporary because my favourite places change so often) is the path away from the garden towards the street. I often take photographs there and even though it may be insignificant to others I find it quite fascinating. It has been soothing me with its rustling bright green leaves for years and the light during golden hour is just perfect to make someone's day better. I really do love it.

A lot of your photography is self portraits, tell us about your set ups for these. You are incredibly skilled at taking these self portraits, they portray such beautiful emotion - do you find it difficult playing both the photographer and the model?

Thank you so much! My self-portraiture process is incredibly simple. I often just use a tripod to hold my camera and a remote to handle long-distance shots instead of a timer. 2 seconds after pressing the button and you get a new photograph - effective and tolerable! :) I like searching for new locations for my photographs and it's always a delight whenever inspiration leads me to a new area where I can create something unusual and creative.
It can be difficult always being the model as some days I pretty much look like a mess even though my mind is spinning with new ideas. Sometimes I prefer shooting new faces and locations but self-portraiture has taught me to stay confident in myself and always go out the moment I have a new idea in mind, no matter how I look or how I feel. One disadvantage for me is that my tripod is not the sturdiest and when I want to take a shot from an unusual angle I have to struggle to get the camera there. Challenges are great though!

What lighting do you best enjoy using and why?

Natural lighting is my favourite.....because it's natural! I especially love golden hour when the sun creates an exotic mood to any location. I love nature and I also love using the light it provides to create something that comes from my heart.

Also, any counteries/cities you want to visit one day?

My top 5 dream locations are France, Australia, New York, Iceland and Japan. I would, of course, love to travel the world one day and experience all sorts of various cultures and communities.

And finally - your hair! I think your hair is the most beautiful hair I have seen, how long has it taken to grow so long?

I'm so glad you think so! I have never cut it - only occasional trimming - so it has been growing for 16 years.



christine polz said...

Very lovely interview with a very talented young soul!

Carolynn Markey said...

wow, her hair is so beautiful.

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