Tuesday, 20 August 2013


I've had this idea in my head for a while, but couldn't really do it without two DLSR bodies (one to actually take the picture and one to hold). However since my D5100 broke (it was faulty) Amazon sent me a new one this morning, so now I have have two! I have to send back the broken one soon so didn't have long to get this shoot done.

The camera I'm holding is the broken one (so tragic).

It's pretty much what I pictured in my mind so I'm pleased.



Tom Upton said...

Laura; Not surprised the 5100 had faults. The consumer level cameras are all polycarbonate plastic. You use your camera a lot and this may happen again. You'll have to be careful until you can get a pro grade metal body. I encourage people to use the snot out of their gear; so bravo, you are off to a good start. More importantly however is to get away from the gear and acknowledge your great imagination. Surrealist painters have pioneered this area and photographers (except may be Jerry Uelsman and Duane Michaels) have done little except copy and redo what I call derivative work, originanally done by surrealist painters like Magritte and Dali. You have created something original and inviting and deserve all the attention your mirror image got. Work hard, you are about to have a real sea change in your career...

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This picture looks great Laura! I love the creative concept of the picture and I have to say you managed to execute your idea very well.

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